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Welcome to the world of YESS!

A world where you are free to be your strong feminine self. Where you can stand out and shine. Where you turn your unique features into real eyecatchers. From casual to chic. You are the – one of a kind – YESS woman, our source of inspiration.

I am Yessie. An entrepreneurial mom of two and the creative founder of YESS. Art and exhibitions were my playground as I grew up, always in awe of my mom’s painting skills. It was the very beginning of my great passion for aesthetics, colours, compositions, materials, details … Which grew and grew and grew … into my own fashion brand.

I hope you enjoy wearing your YESS-pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed making them!

– Yessie Vanmanshoven

From scarves to total look

After a career in sales I started a small collection of scarves, later a few garments were added until the total look you find at YESS today. My creative child evolved into an adult fashion brand, born & raised in Belgium but growing (inter)nationally in the meantime.
YESS Belgium | About

Mix & match of materials and details

I firmly believe in the power of materials, because they elevate every piece I create. That’s why I only select natural and high quality fabrics, such as silk, cotton, viscose, linen and cashmere, made according to ethical standards and all current EU regulations.

Each collection consists of eight themes, starring my own designs, embellished with embroideries and special details like studs, sequins, pearls … Together with the different materials, they form a bold story, mixed and matched into a powerful, complete look.

Inspired by the world

Inspiration for my designs strikes me at any time and at any place. From my travels and found treasures at local markets to the smallest things around me: during an early morning run, when I take my children to school, from the smell of fresh lemon tea…

Style and comfort in one

That’s why I create collections that combine style and comfort in one. And are easy to style according to your mood of the day. So whether you are in the middle of a hectic morning rush, giving a presentation at work or strolling through the city on a sunny (holi)day … you can shine at any time.

Enjoy your YESS moment!